GMS can manufacture and supply parts for skips to be fitted by your own fitters. This is a very cost effective way to repair damaged skips. The alternative is to ship the damaged skip, possibly hundreds of miles, to our plant in Derbyshire. This of course incurs two lots of transport costs, and more downtime when the skip in question is not available for use. Below you can see a bale bar at the top, with a universal tipping bar suitable for any type of skip just below. Painted red we see a ratchet lock. This is the main part of the secure ratchet locking system that can be fitted to roll on/off skips that are fitted with doors. Also, a few rope hooks are shown which can be welded at strategic points as required.

The picture on the right shows HD roll on roll off hinge along with roller and axle, and a standard lifting lug.

The skip Lock is designed to provide added security for roll-on / off skips, and is manufactured from steel with a new patented toughened design. This skip Lock has an integrated locking device, which when in the locked position, provides additional strength via three secure steel bars.


New products coming soon, including: Builders Skip Locks (Chain lifts), Locks for 2/4 wheeled bins, 140ltr 240ltr 360ltr 660ltr 1100ltr (plastic and steel)

Easy Installation
Secure Mechanism
Easy To Lock
100% Secure

The image below shows a skip fitted with a skip lock to help prevent theft. Only one is required per skip, and makes it extremely difficult for the skip fitted with this device to be stolen.

Skip Locks - Help Prevent Theft Of Skips